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Registration for the 2018 SYSA SPRING SEASON


  • Intramural Registration Pre-School (formerly U5) through Grade 1 (formerly U7) is open


  • Prep Registration Grade 2 and Grade 3 (formerly U8 and U9) is open


IM & Prep regular registration ends TBA and late registration ends TBA


  • Travel registration for Grade 4 (formerly U10) through Grade 8 (formerly U14) is open


Travel regular registration ends 11/5 and late registration ends 11/12


  • Senior Travel registration for Grade 10 (formerly U16) through Grade PG (formerly U19) is open


Senior Travel registration ends TBA


Contact John Callahan for more registration information


Register Online at Sports Pilot







Official SYSA websites, blogs, and social media outlets:

There are many websites, blogs and other social media outlets that may appear to be official SYSA outlets. Please refer to the following list to discern official SYSA outlets.

Swampscott Soccer website

SYSA Facebook page

SysaWeb twitter account

SportsPilot SYSA player registration system

SYSA Survey Monkey account to generate seasonal surveys




Have questions about the SYSA program? Check out our FAQs.


Report a problem about the SYSA website? Contact our Webmaster



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Swampscott Youth Soccer Association


Board of Directors

Mellisa Caplan

Nahant Rep

Mellisa Caplan

Michelle Wilkins

Sarah Hashikawa

Gargi Cooper
Safety & Risk Management

Dana Swanstrom
Fields and

Chris Hersey

John Callahan

J.R. Young



Dan Ryan


Michael Johnson
Past President

Doug Sutherland
Past President

Kevin Rogers
Director at Large

Jack Steele
Past President

Interested in volunteer opportunities with SYSA? Contact SYSA Nominating Committee.




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