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While everyone is excited to play soccer, we are sending approximately 800 children and their parents onto the fields as well as hosting other towns.  We owe our children, our neighbors and our visitors a level of respect and care.  The mission of SYSA is to provide a fun and safe environment for your child to learn and to play soccer as well as being part of a team.  We need your help to make this work. Please take a moment to review the following from a safety point of view.

        Please be very aware of entrance roadways to fields and do not park in a manner that could block an emergency vehicle from gaining immediate access to our fields. 

        Please be very aware of children when picking up or dropping off as we have many children in motion (who may not be thinking about you).

        Please do not park on the roads near the Charlotte Road entrance to Phillips. 

        Please do not allow players in cleats to walk on the Jackson Field Track. They must use the mats. If you see visiting teams walking or warming up on the track please inform them politely that SYSA ask that they not do so.

        Please do not bring dogs to the fields. While any one dog may be a non-threat, any dog may cause another dog to react. Children or adults can be caught in the middle.  

        Please have each child bring water to every game, wear shin guards (under the socks), soccer cleats or sneakers.

        Please remember no jewelry is allowed other than emergency medical jewelry that is completely wrapped. No exceptions for either practice or games. Do not ask the coach to make an exception.

        Please take responsibility to prepare your child with proper sun block and bug spray as SYSA coaches will not be applying or supplying these to your children.

        Please make sure as a parent that your child's coach knows how to reach you at all times.

        Please be aware of weather conditions and be prepared to pick up your child should thunder or lighting approach. To understand more about the dangers of lightning read our Lightning Facts

        Please be considerate of your coaches by being on time in picking up your child after a practice or a game. The coach may not leave until every child is with their ride home.

        Please respect the Zero Tolerance Policy of SYSA. Never criticize referees or players. This is youth sports and we ask that adults set a good example.

        Please do not allow children or players to climb soccer nets, fences or trees.

        Please contact if you have any concerns or questions.


2011- 2017
Swampscott Youth Soccer Association


Board of Directors

Mellisa Caplan

Nahant Rep

Mellisa Caplan

Michelle Wilkins

Sarah Hashikawa

Gargi Cooper
Safety & Risk Management

Dana Swanstrom
Fields and

Chris Hersey

John Callahan

J.R. Young



Dan Ryan


Michael Johnson
Past President

Doug Sutherland
Past President

Kevin Rogers
Director at Large

Jack Steele
Past President

Interested in volunteer opportunities with SYSA? Contact SYSA Nominating Committee.




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