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Soccer Fields Reminder
Please help us to keep our fields free of litter after each practice and game. Lend a hand and pick up any used water bottle or ice pack, etc.  Also please remember dogs are not allowed at practices and games.

Thank you for your help!


Religious/Cultural Conflict Policy
The Swampscott community is diverse, consisting of many religious and cultural backgrounds. SYSA respects that our players have various holidays and celebrations. No SYSA player will be pressured to participate in a game or practice should a game or practice fall on a holiday or a family celebration. TRAVEL TEAMS need to follow ECYSA's protocol. Please notify your coach immediately when there is a conflict.


A message from the Swampscott Police Department:

We would like to ask parents to avoid parking on Charlotte, Muriel and Lodge Rd.


I met with residents of those streets along with the members of the Town's Traffic Study Committee, and the residents have expressed their concerns over the congestion and the manner in which people are parking on the street. 

As you well know the streets are heavily congested and residents are certainly inconvenienced and concerned for the safety
of the children with the amount of parking in the area.  The parking congestion does narrow the street in such a way as to prohibit fire and ambulance access in the case of emergency (i.e. a medical aid for one of the children) and certainly nobody wants that. 

The entire parking lot by the old Kids Cove playground is continually vacant so that is a suitable alternative. It has been recently resurfaced, is in good condition, and does not pose an inconvenience to neighbors or parents/coaches. 

The residents in the area do have to put up with a lot of commotion and have expressed that they are more than accepting of the kids playing in the park naturally, but they do also have legitimate concerns with the congestion and safety in the area. We are in the process of communicating with the other sports teams as well as this is not just a soccer issue. 

Thanks in advance for everyone's help on this important matter.


Lt. Gary J. Lord
Swampscott Police Department
86 Burrill St.
Swampscott, MA 01907






Swampscott Youth Soccer Association


Board of Directors

Mellisa Caplan

Nahant Rep

Mellisa Caplan

Michelle Wilkins

Sarah Hashikawa

Gargi Cooper
Safety & Risk Management

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Fields and

Chris Hersey

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Dan Ryan


Michael Johnson
Past President

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Past President

Kevin Rogers
Director at Large

Jack Steele
Past President

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