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BOD circa 2011. Pictured l-r: Jan DePaolo, John Callahan, John Fulghum, Seth Caplan, Rich Fuller, John Godfrey, Michael Johnson, Chris Bendickson, Jack Steele, Doug Sutherland, Scott Macey, Susan Rosa



Dear SYSA Players, Parents, Coaches and all Volunteers:

The Swampscott Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing inclusive soccer programs to children of all skill levels. Our goal is to teach and develop age-appropriate soccer skills in a fun, supportive and safe environment, to allow the sport to be played in competitive game environments, and to encourage a love for the game.  We seek to promote social development and self-confidence of our players, as well as sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork for all players, coaches and parents.  Ultimately, the decisions regarding how our programs are run are based on the best interests of our players.

Our intramural teams participate in an "in town" soccer program, while our travel teams play in the Essex County Youth Soccer Association (ECYSA) league.  Participation in the ECYSA league requires that our travel program comply with various mandates of ECYSA (e.g., registration dates, roster sizes, team placement, field size).

We seek to encourage and support the training of our volunteer coaches, and to support our coaches with the tools they need to succeed.  Our coaches are bound by the SYSA Code of Conduct, and all players, coaches, parents, spectators and volunteers are bound by the ECYSA Zero Tolerance Policy. We encourage all interested parties to familiarize themselves with these policies.


Many of your questions can be answered by referring to the information on the SYSA website, but please contact the appropriate SYSA official if you should have questions or comments about our programs.


Mellisa Caplan


ECYSA Zero Tolerance Policy

SYSA Coaches Code of Conduct

SYSA Bylaws 

Swampscott Youth Soccer Association


Board of Directors

Mellisa Caplan

Nahant Rep

Mellisa Caplan

Michelle Wilkins

Sarah Hashikawa

Gargi Cooper
Safety & Risk Management

Dana Swanstrom
Fields and

Chris Hersey

John Callahan

J.R. Young



Dan Ryan


Michael Johnson
Past President

Doug Sutherland
Past President

Kevin Rogers
Director at Large

Jack Steele
Past President

Interested in volunteer opportunities with SYSA? Contact SYSA Nominating Committee.




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